Did you know Virginia passed a Business Tax to pay for the war of 1812? Did you know that tax is still in effect? The last I checked we aren’t fighting the British anymore. But like all taxes, once created, they are virtually impossible to eliminate. The tax in question […]

Tax Originally Created to Fund War of 1812 is Killing ...

The Chesapeake Bay Oyster is now potentially entering its newest fight in what could prove to be an epic battle against ocean acidification. The crash of the heralded Chesapeake Bay’s oyster fishery has been told countless times. First came mass deforestation during the colonial era which led to enormous sedimentation […]

Ocean Acidification: The Chesapeake Bay Oyster’s Next Battle?

In the adjoining picture I am about to enjoy several dozen Apalachicola oysters with my brother, Ben, in Panama City, Florida.  You’ve got to love the Redneck Riviera for its affordable seafood.  And no, Ben is not “special” despite the ridiculous thumbs up.  Well yes, he is special, but in […]

Apalachicola Oysters vs. Atlanta